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Welcome to Card Compliant, LLC

Card Compliant is a compliance specialty company serving the payment instrument, prepaid access, stored value card, retail credit, and trade payable industries.  Addressing niche issues, we offer technology-supported services and solutions to meet the difficult regulatory and accounting compliance challenges in administering cards, codes, coupons, promotions, credits, trade payables, prepaid access and payment instrument programs.

Explore the applicable regulations and standards we address and our technology capabilities.  Learn about our services, the sectors we serve and our approach to services.

Our Experience:

Digital & Virtual Codes – Gift Cards – Debit Cards – General Purpose Reloadable Cards – Rebates – Incentive & Promotional Cards – Affinity & Loyalty Cards – Payroll Cards – Government Benefit Cards –  Merchandise Return Credits – Retail Credits – Bank Accounts – Trade Payables – Checks – Accounts – And More.

Our Range:

Paper Instruments – Plastic Cards – Mobile Applications – Digital and Virtual Codes – Points – Ledger Credits – Crypto Currencies – And More.

Our Focus:

We touch Federal Consumer Laws – State Consumer Laws –Unclaimed Property Statutes – Anti-Money Laundering Regulations – OFAC – Banking Regulations – Licensing Laws – E-Money Regulations – IRS Tax Regulations – State Sales and Use Taxes – GAAP  Accounting Standards – IFRS Accounting Standards – Money Reclamation Regulations – Privacy Laws – And More.

Our Methods:

We Provide Compliance Services – Support Compliance Tasks – Deliver Analytics and Forecasts – Create Audit Ready Cards and Instruments.

Our Results:

Using Patented and Proprietary Technologies to Manage a Billion Plus Cards and Virtual Codes on an Individual Item Basis.